Kara CANNIBAL (karacannibal) wrote in thedarkartists,

Hi there, I'm new. I feel the need to branch out and join some art communities.. and I guess I would be considered a "dark artist" so I thought I'd check out what this place is all about!

The name is Kara CANNIBAL, I'm currently going to school for a degree in fine arts and also for a degree in business. After that I will go for an apprentiship in tattooing and start building my career! I'm looking to live off of professionally tattooing, producing my own clothing line, and selling original art works.. along with a ton of other stuff I've got cooking up.

I guess this would be the part where I show you some of my art!

A little something I finished this morning.. I hope it was worth spilling the black ink on my carpet!

Also, if any one knows of any other great art communities/web sites please feel free to point me in their direction!

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